Find out what our students and graduates have to say about studying at Insworld…

Read what are students have to say about studying at Insworld

In this video, we interviewed Lim Wei Chien (Max), a Pearson Edexcel International GCSE student at Insworld Institute, regarding the disadvantages of studying in large class sizes. He also shared the benefits that he has gained since studying at Insworld – which provides small class sizes and other such benefits.

In this video, we interviewed Domas Skruodys, a Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level student at Insworld Institute, on the benefits of small class sizes and the advantages of studying in an international boutique school.

In this video, we interviewed Aaron Michael Sengol Soriano, a Pearson Edexcel International GCSE student at Insworld Institute, on why teachers who are passionate about education are important to students like himself.

In this video, we interviewed Lin Yunfei, an Edexcel International Tuition Programme (Lower Secondary) student at Insworld Institute, on how she is preparing for a career in Business at a very young age.

An interview with Insworld Institute alumni Vikaraman Rajaratanam, who recently visited us to tell us about his student life at Leicester University and how Insworld helped him fulfill his dream of studying Mechanical Engineering.

What do our Pearson Edexcel International GCSE and GCE ‘A’ level students are planning to do after graduating from Insworld Institute? Watch this video and hear from some of them.

As a full time ‘A’ level student and an active member of the student council, Nina Saiful is learning about keeping schedules and fulfilling responsibilities. Watch this video as she shares more about her “learning journey” here at Insworld Institute!

2014 Singaporean A*A*A*A* Trinity College, Dublin Ireland Medicine
2015 Chinese A*A*A*A Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Singapore Maths Science with Finance
2011 Indonesian A*A*AA Bristol University UK Mechanical Engineering
2011 Singaporean A*A*AA Edinburgh University UK Psychology
2014 Indonesian A*A*AB University College London UK Management Science
2010 Singaporean A*A*AC University of Adelaide Australia MBBS
2015 Vietnamese A*A*BE University of New South Wales Australia Commerce
2012 Chinese A*AA Manchester University UK Accounting & Finance
2011 Chinese A*AA Durham University UK Natural Sciences
2009 Indian A*AABB Southampton University UK Aeronautics & Astronautics
2013 Chinese A*ABB Manchester University UK Mathematics & Statistics
2015 Chinese A*ABB Manchester University UK Economics
2011 Vietnamese A*ABC City University UK Business Economics
2015 Singaporean A*ABC Exeter University UK Law
2014 Myanmar A*BBD University of Melbourne Australia Economics
2007 Vietnamese AAA Sydney University Australia Commerce
2004 Myanmar AAAA Middlebury College USA Business Administration
2005 Singaporean AAAA Imperial College UK Medicine
2007 Myanmar AAAA Newcastle University upon Tyne UK Medicine
2009 Indian AAAA National University of Singapore Singapore BEng Electrical Electronics
2009 Malaysian AAAA Imperial College UK Biomedical
2006 Indonesian AAAAC Michigan University USA BEng Electrical Engineering
2008 Singaporean AAAAC Singapore Management University Singapore Sociology
2007 Myanmar AAAB Nottingham University UK BSc Mathematics
2007 Singaporean AAAB Monash University Australia Medicine
2008 Myanmar AAAB University of Wisconsin Madison USA Biomedical
2010 Maldivian AAAB Southampton University UK Civil Engineering
2010 Singaporean AAABB National University of Singapore Singapore Mechanical Engineering
2010 Myanmar AAAC University of Glasgow UK Medicine
2015 Taiwanese AAAC Warwick University UK Engineering Business Management
2004 Vietnamese AAB Sydney University Australia Accounting & Finance
2006 German AAB Queen Mary University UK Law
2006 Singaporean AAB Leicester University UK Law
2006 Vietnamese AAB Singapore Management University Singapore Business Administration
2006 Chinese AAB Houston University USA Business Administration
2008 Hong Kong AAB Queen’s University Canada Business Administration
2009 Singaporean AAB International Medical University Malaysia MBBS
2009 Vietnamese AABA Sydney University Australia Commerce
2007 Singaporean AABB Warwick University UK Accounting & Finance
2008 Myanmar AABB University of Technology, Sydney Australia Biomedical
2009 Malaysian AABB University of London UK Biological Sciences
2009 Myanmar AABB UW-Stevens Point USA Biomedical
2009 Chinese AABC Manchester University UK Economics
2010 Myanmar AABC Bristol University UK BEng EEE
2015 Chinese AAC City University UK Economics with Accounting
2005 Singaporean AACA University of London UK Economics
2010 Vietnamese AAC City University UK Accounting & Finance
2015 Vietnamese AAD Macquarie University Australia Finance Accounting
2002 Chinese ABB University of British Columbia Canada Business
2004 Chinese ABB Leicester University UK Financial Economics