At Insworld Institute, we provide a wide range of activities that are in line with our students’ interests and academic aspirations.


Some of the extra-curricular activities that our students enjoy  are:



At Insworld Institute we believe that the body, as well as the mind, should be healthy, fit and active. This is why we include sports as an option for our extra-curricular activities, held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Students participate in sports such as football, futsal, basketball and badminton. These activities are held at various sports facilities in Singapore.

Clubs & Activities


Students can join different clubs and organisations within the school, and participate in a wide range of activities such as;

  • Board games
  • Dance (hip hop)
  • Drama
  • Futsal
  • Chess
  • Bridge
  • Photography

Outreach Programmes


As mentioned in the Principal’s message, we want our students to become responsible citizens who are aware of the issues in society around them.

For this reason, the school engages in various community outreach programmes, and strongly supports student involvement. These programmes include;

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Home for the Aged and Sick
  • Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen
  • Red Cross

Educational Trips

Insworld Institute holds educational field trips which allow students to visit various cultural and historic venues in Singapore. These include the National Museum of Singapore, the Singapore National Gallery, the ArtScience Museum and the Science Centre, Singapore.

These trips are educational and fun, and help to develop a sense of unity within the school as the students share experiences and socialise.

Special Events and Celebrations

special celeb

At Insworld we have an annual Cultural Festival in which students celebrate and learn about different cultural traditions. There are also staff / student appreciation nights, anniversary celebrations and events focused on particular traditions such as Halloween. These events bring the school together and are an opportunity to socialise, learn something about each other and have fun. They also allow students to be creative and original and to showcase their talents.