Study in Singapore

“Country with best quality of life in Asia”

– Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings 2014, Mercer

“Most transparent country in Asia”

– IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook in 2011

“The world’s easiest place to do business”

– Doing Business 2014 Report, World Bank

“One of the safest countries in the world”

– As per various surveys

Consistently ranked as one of the most progressive, dynamic and safest city states in the world, Singapore is an ideal place for those seeking to attain a world-class education, do business, enjoy quality living and more.

But what is it really like to live and study in Singapore? Read some of the points below to know more:

Best Reasons Why International Students Relocate to Singapore

Below are some of the reasons why international students relocate here in Singapore:

  • The opportunity to experience the world in one city
  • Safe, comfortable and reasonable living cost
  • One of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world
  • Highly developed market-based economy
  • Bilingual learning environment
  • Affordable quality education
  • Strategic location
  • World-class education system
  • An international airport with flights worldwide

Medical Care

With state of the art medical care available island wide with both government and public hospitals, Singapore is considered the medical hub of Asia. Students are able to go to a selection of  private clinics and government doctors.

Law & Order

You may click here to view the list of laws are strictly to be observed in Singapore.


Insworld will help student’s make accommodation arrangements prior to relocation to Singapore

  1. Student Hostel

There are many types of Student Hostel for you to choose from depending on your preference of facilities offered and budget. The cost will be between S$650 to S$2000

  1. Co-sharing of HDB or apartments

Students can choose to co-rent a 2 or 3-room flat or an apartment, on average this is around S$650 to S$2000 depending on whether you want to share a room.

Estimated Cost of Relocation to Singapore

Depending on your style of living, the estimated minimum living cost in Singapore is about S$1000.00 per month. This includes accommodation, meals and transportation.

What Types of Orientation Programmes Does Insworld Institute Provide Its New Students?

Insworld provides an orientation programme for all our new students. A series of programmes will be organised during the first week of school to help students to settle down and commence their studies:

  • Medical Check-up and collection of Student’s Pass from ICA
  • School Handbook
  • Placement Test (if required)

Does Insworld Institute Provide Assistance With Accomodations?

Insworld can provide advice on student accommodations in Singapore. The most common types of accommodation that students can choose from are:

Student Hostel

Student hostels may vary in terms of facilities, location, and fees. Estimated pricing: SGD800 – SGD1,000 a month.

Home stay

If you prefer to stay with a host family, in a more homely environment, normally inclusive of breakfast and dinner and guardianship. Estimated pricing: SGD1,300 – 1,800 a month.

Co-sharing of HDB or Apartments

Students can choose to co-rent a flat or an apartment. The estimated rental for a room varies from SGD700 – SGD1,500, depending on the type of apartment. Public housing refers to Housing Development Board (HDB) flats and each housing estate is designed to be a self-contained neighbourhood served by supermarkets, food centers, clinics, schools, libraries and shopping malls. Private housing would normally be in condominiums with facilities such as swimming pool and tennis courts, as well as services such as a 24-hour security patrol. Be it public or private housing, the rental depends on the size, condition and location of the apartment. Other determining factors include amenities (laundry, cooking facilities, telephone, electricity, water) and flat furnishings.

* For information on how to apply to study in Singapore or options to study in Singapore, you may contact us by clicking here