Insworld Institute offers many benefits to students who wish to gain entry to prestigious universities around the world.


Reputable History

Insworld Institute was founded in 2001, and officially opened in 2004 by the British High Commissioner, HE Sir Alan Collins CMG. In 2014, his successor as British High Commissioner, HE Antony Phillipson, was Guest of Honour at the school’s tenth anniversary celebrations.

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Our Proven Track Record

Since 2001 Insworld Institute students have progressed to prestigious universities in Singapore and worldwide. These include University of Oxford (UK), University College London (UK), Imperial College (London, UK), University of Michigan (USA), Sydney University (Australia), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and Fudan University (China). We are proud of their achievements, and of the Insworld graduates who have gone on to establish careers in highly regarded fields such as Medicine, Law, Finance and Engineering.

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Internationally-Recognised Qualifications

Insworld Institute teaches a British curriculum which prepares students for IGCSE, GCE A-Level and IAL exams. These are set and administered by Pearson Edexcel, a UK fully-accredited Exam Board and Awarding Body.

Insworld Institute is a Pearson Edexcel Approved Centre for delivering Academic Qualifications, and a recognised Edexcel Centre of Excellence.

Pearson Edexcel International qualifications allow students to transfer easily to other programmes, or to progress on to the next level of their education. The academic credits earned through taking these exams will be recognised by schools, by employers and by leading universities, in Singapore and around the world.

Small Class Sizes of 4 to 12 Students

We teach in small classes (4- 12 students). This allows our teachers to understand how our students learn, and adapt lesson planning and delivery to focus on the needs of each individual in each class. Our students benefit from this personalised learning, and gain the confidence to become active participants in classes, asking questions and engaging in group work and class discussions.

Free One-to-One Support Classes

We will arrange free extra one-to-one tuition sessions for all students who need this support.

Multicultural Environment

Insworld Institute has had students from 45 different countries (so far). We are a truly multinational community. Students from different backgrounds with different social and cultural traditions mix easily in the school. We support this with events such as our Cultural Festival. We are proud that our students integrate so well into the Insworld family.

'Flexible' Enrollment Dates

We have four enrolment dates each year (January, April, July and September) so that students can begin programmes at the time of year which suits them best.

Personal Tutor System

At Insworld each student has a Personal Tutor; a member of staff who will monitor all aspects of their studies to ensure that they are making good progress. This helps us to set personal targets for all our students – those who may need extra academic support as well as the high achievers who need to be stretched and challenged intellectually.

Student Services

Insworld Institute has a Student Services department which deals with non-academic school matters. These include extra-curricular activities, keeping students up-to-date with information that may affect them, and monitoring attendance and lateness. The Exams Officer, who deals with all matters relating to internal and external examinations, is part of the Student Services Department.

Insworld also offers extensive administrative support for students. We will assist with career counselling, help students apply for or renew their Student’s Pass, give advice about accommodation, and provide extensive and expert guidance about all aspects of the university application process.

Close and Active Partnership With Parents

We value the support and cooperation of parents, and want to keep them as well-informed as possible about how their child is progressing at the school. To do this we regularly communicate with parents via email or through the Parent Portal on the Insworld Management Information System. In addition to end of term reports, we send parents/guardians a weekly report for each student detailing their grades for the weekly formal assessments in each subject and a grade for their effort in class, together with information about their attendance.

Extracurricular and Cultural Activities

Insworld provides a range of extra-curricular and cultural activities to offer students a different type of challenge. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, students participate in sports such as basketball, football and taekwondo, or develop their skills in areas such as photography or chess. Insworld also encourages students to participate in outreach programmes; to help the more disadvantaged members of the community and promote a sense of social responsibility.

Insworld also likes to celebrate the different cultures and traditions of our students through events such as our Cultural Festival.