“Insworld Institute offers a variety of benefits and advantages to students who wish to gain entry to prestigious universities around the world.”


Some of the benefits and advantages offered by the school are:

Reputable History

Established in 2001, Insworld was officially opened in 2004 by former British High Commissioner, His Excellency Sir Alan Collins, CMG. 10 years later, his predecessor, British High Commissioner to Singapore HE Antony Phillipson, joined the school’s anniversary celebration as the Guest-of-Honour.

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Our Proven Track Record

Since 2001, Insworld has produced academic achievers who have progressed to prestigious universities worldwide such as the Imperial College of London (UK), University of Michigan (US), Sydney University (Australia), Trinity College (Ireland) and Fudan University (China). We also have alumni and alumnae who now have established careers in highly regarded fields such as Medicine, Engineering and Law.

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'Intensive' 18-Month Pearson Edexcel

Insworld Institute offers Pearson Edexcel courses that each normally have a duration of “18 months.”

Internationally-Recognized Qualifications

The Pearson Edexcel and BTEC programmes that are offered at Insworld Institute allow students to gain qualifications under Pearson – the UK’s largest awarding organization offering academic and vocational qualifications. These qualifications are recognized by educational institutions and employers worldwide.

Small Class Sizes of 4 to 12 Students

Our small class sizes of 4 – 12 students promotes “personalized learning” as each student receives individual attention from teachers and are able to participate actively during classes.

Also, this format allows our teachers to effectively identify and address any academic challenge that a student may be facing.

FREE Support Classes

Insworld offers FREE “support classes” on every subject that it offers. These classes may be arranged upon a student’s request.

Multicultural Environment

Every term, our students get to enjoy and benefit from a multicultural environment that allows them to learn and interact with peers representing at least 25 different nationalities. In fact, from 2001 to March 2016, a total of 42 different nationalities have been part of the Insworld Institute family.

'Flexible' Enrollment Dates

Students may enroll either in January, March, July or September. Late admissions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Student Services

Our Student Services Department offers:

  • Orientation Programme
  • House System
  • Personal Tutors
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Pastoral Counselling

Insworld also provides general student support services to students and their parents such as our Academic and Career Counseling, Assistance in Student Pass Application, Advice on Accommodation, University Placement Guidance and Weekly Progress Report.

Close and Active Partnership With Parents

To help parents monitor the progress of their child / children while studying at Insworld Institute, we offer an online option that enables them to view the weekly achievements attained by their child / children:

  • Overall Progress
  • Weekly Grades
  • Weekly Attendance Percentage

The above data will also be sent every week via our email system.

Extracurricular and Cultural Activities

Insworld believes in enriching both the “body and mind” of its students. For this reason, the school provides extracurricular activities that students get to participate in every Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also hold sport events such as the annual “Insworld Sports Day” and cultural activities such as “Insworld Cultural Week Celebration.”