Ye Myint Khaing (Myanmar)
International A-Level 2022

“My journey at Insworld was unique. Unlike other students, I had to study online until the end of the course due to the political circumstances in my country. So it was a virtual experience for me, and I missed all the extracurricular activities. Leaving that behind, the educational support of the Insworld community was immense. The teachers were expert in their fields, and I always felt involved in class discussions, personal tutoring sessions and even practicals. With excellent guidance for my university application, what more could I ask for? I started attending Insworld with huge doubts about my IALs. Now, I have finished with the best grades achievable.

Cheng, Alisa Grace Tim-Yan (Singapore)
International A-Level 2021

“I joined Insworld Institute just 6 months before sitting for my A levels. It was a lot to take in as I had to re-do previous exams due to a change in syllabus. However, the teachers were very, very supportive and patient with me. I don’t think I could have asked for a better school environment, and I’m grateful to the teachers and the non-teaching staff for their support throughout.”

Cheanng, Phanith (Cambodia)
International A-Level 2021

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to finish both my International GCSE and A-level in Insworld, completing my high school in just 3 years. Insworld allowed me to study only the subjects that I’m really interested in, so that I could fully enjoy and focus on the subjects that I learned best.”

Hu, Xinyu (China)
International A-Level 2021

“Insworld Institute has a strong track record of preparing students for university studies. The school also has a friendly course-choosing system where students can try one subject for a week after entering the school in order to understand whether it is the right choice.
I enjoyed interacting with classmates from different cultural backgrounds and traditions. It was an opportunity for me to learn about different cultures from different countries in the world.
For me, despite the fact that I could not get satisfactory grades at the beginning, after following the instructions by the teachers, my results improved and I acquired confidence for the next step. Finally I succeeded.“

Hoe, Zhan Hao (Singapore)
International A-Level 2021

“Though the A-Level course was difficult and challenging, the teachers at Insworld helped me persevere, getting me to where I am today. The small classes are the best way to study, since teachers can focus on students more.”

Oake Soe Thar (Myanmar)
International A-Level 2021

“I can confidently say that in just six months at Insworld, I have achieved the best success of my life. Thanks to my teachers, staffs, and my peers, I’ve grown mentally and intellectually. Though my time was brief, I shall forever remember my time at Insworld. I arrived in Singapore during a crisis in my home country. I was stressed and worried for my family and friends. At the same time, I was expected to study and try to achieve good grades. I was genuinely worried about my final grades as I was overwhelmed. I consider myself extremely fortunate as I’ve been surrounded by good people to help me progress and manage everything. The teachers made sure I kept up with my studies, the admin staff were constantly checking up on me and my friends helped me with my studies and emotional support. When I was applying for my US visa, Ms. Thinzar and Ms. Tan enthusiastically helped me. I couldn’t have done it without their help, so I’ll forever be grateful. Thank you Insworld for guiding me onto the path to success and to exceed expectations. I will miss you dearly.”

Liu, Qiao (China)
International A-Level 2021

“The most impressive thing is probably the teachers. Every teacher is very responsible. Maybe because there are not many students in each class in our school, the teacher can help every student, which is an area that many schools cannot do.”

Parent Testimonials

Gerard Michael Mcdonnell (United Kingdom)
Justine Isaiah Man-on Umali ( IAL 2019) and Ashley Nicole Man-on Umali (IAL 2021)

“Insworld Institute is quite unique in the way it educates. The small classes, high contact from the teachers, tutors and management is special and they know every student extremely well and seem to care a lot about how the students are. They will adapt to the student’s needs probably better than any other school I have known. The weekly tests & subsequent reports can keep you intricately up to date with their progress and empower the teachers to know if a student missed something in time to correct it and move on. The British curriculum is well worked out and, if your student is willing to study, this school will certainly deliver great grades. Sports is definitely not their strength and really, all extra-curricular activities are at bit weak. This could be improved and would help the increase the enjoyment factor of school life considerably but in general, it is a great educational establishment

Olga Tikhomirova (Russia)
Iuliia Tikhomirova (International GCSE 2021)

“When choosing an educational institution, the most important thing for us was the combination of three conditions:
-The school has a record of successful graduates.
-The school program is flexible and able to provide what my daughter is interested to study.
-The school is focused on the result of each child and able to develop the child’s individual potential as well as prepare them for further education.
We believe that we made the right choice, my daughter says that was the best school in her life, despite the fact that she studied at a school for gifted students in Russia.
She has achievements in drawing that she only dreamed of in childhood, unfortunately in Russia there was no opportunity to receive this additional education in addition to school due to the workload and distraction to other important activities and because of lack of confidence in her abilities. In Singapore, it turns out in the framework of the school curriculum, we see that we get decent professional knowledge.”

Moonlake Love Lee (Singapore)
Alisa Grace Tim-Yan Cheng ( IAL 2021) and Hana Grace Gar-Yan Cheng  ( IAL 2022)

“The teachers are very caring and do their best to ensure that students master concepts. The school is also very accommodating and allows the flexibility of customizing subject combinations. I appreciate that there is a Special Education Needs coordinator (Ms Charlene) who was very proactive in supporting students and helping to ensure their mental/emotional well-being.”

Simon Smith (Australia)
Xavier Smith ( IAL 2022)

“Due to my work commitments, my son, Xavier was educated mostly in schools in Asia. When he returned to Australia, he found it difficult to settle in the land of his birth, and was particularly unhappy with his schooling. As a result I decided he should return to Singapore and continue his high school education there. I felt the IGCSE curriculum was the best choice for someone with his educational background, and began to look for a suitable school. From the very first meeting I felt Insworld Institute was a good fit for Xavier. The staff are genuine in their commitment to their students, offering support not just for their academic development, but also for their mental and social wellbeing. This gave Xavier the confidence to feel comfortable again in a school setting and return to regular school life. This was helped by the central location of Insworld (near Bugis) and the focus on meeting the needs of each individual student through teaching only in small groups. Xavier is part of a group, but also receives a lot of individual attention. I am extremely happy that I selected Insworld Institute for my son’s high school education, and would recommend it to parents and students looking for small class sizes with dedicated staff who can offer a more personal but always professional approach to education.”