Student Life

These range from sports such as basketball and futsal to activities such as dance and photography. These allow students to develop their range of non-academic skills and challenge themselves to do better.

The Student Council is elected each year by the students. Its members have a very important role in providing a link between the students and the Management at Insworld. The Student Council has worked closely with the Management and provided essential input into school events such as the School Prom and the Cultural Festival.

Every year students attend a specialist leadership camp. This helps them to develop the essential social and interpersonal skills they will need to work effectively in the modern world.

This event allows the school to honour our graduating students, and allows the students to dress up, let their hair down and have fun.

Insworld students participate in outreach programmes and community projects to develop their sense of social responsibility.

Every year, Insworld holds an annual Team Building and Barbecue Party to strengthen the good relationship between students and staff.

Insworld Institute provides opportunities for students to visit museums, universities, science centres and other sites of interest.

This event celebrates the diversity of Insworld. Our students represent their different cultural heritages and traditions through food, music, fashion and fun.

We invite parents and other speakers to talk to our students about the pathway to a successful career.