Our Student Leaders


Insworld Institute Student Council is a student-elected body that aims to represent the views of our students regarding all aspects of the operation of the school. It also organises and manages special events as well as participating actively in school occasions such as Graduation Day and the Cultural Festival.


The Student Council is run by students and supervised by academic and administrative staff.  The main purpose is to be the voice of the students, to give them a channel which they can use to communicate ideas, suggestions and even criticisms to the school management. The Student Council also runs its own activities and programmes with the supervision and support of the school. It plays a major role in promoting a sense of community and engagement in school.  Members of the Student Council develop their leadership skills, as well as promoting diversity, social responsibility and personal integrity.

Student Council members bring ideas, suggestions, and feedback to the meetings. These are discussed and considered. If practicable these ideas can then be put to the school management. It is important for everyone at Insworld to feel part of the school community, and to feel that their voice matters. The Student Council has made many suggestions for improvements which the management has been pleased to implement.


The President of the Student Council not only represents all students at the school but also specifically represents the student council as a whole. The President is responsible for coordinating all student council activities and usually chairs Student Council meetings. Duties also include working with students to resolve problems, informing the school administration of ideas emanating from the student body and setting a great example for all students in the Council. The President will regularly meet with the Principal and other academic and  administrative staff to discuss matters of school improvement.

Vice President
The Vice President works with the President on all issues and can deputise for the President when necessary. The VP will also  co-ordinate and work with other members of the Council to encourage students to come up with ideas, and set a positive example for all Insworld students.

The Treasurer is in charge of maintaining the Student Council budget. Fundraising events are managed by the treasurer, who must ensure all funds are used responsibly and in accordance with Student Council votes and regulations.


The student council isn’t just for born leaders; surprise yourself by giving it your best shot .

Yap qin shan zoe

I believe I can be of help to the Student Council as I am willing to help and put into work.

longbottom zach jamie

The Student Council is the place where we contribute our unique ideas to make the school a better place.

kulkarni atharva rajendra

Any student who finds decision-making intriguing can enlist themselves into the Student Council and make recommendations to better the atmosphere at school; we hope to see you here soon!

karthikeyan Sanjay

As being a member of the Student Council, I have been able to take part in organizing school events. This has given me the chance to collaborate with my schoolmates in improving the overall experience of other students at school.
Along with this, I have also developed essential skills such as teamwork, time management, planning and communication.

Htet han myo (smith)

The Student Council is an integral and indispensable part of student life. I cherish the friendships and camaraderie forged in Student Council meetings.
Since the first day I joined, Student Council has left an enduring impression on me in terms of ethics and embracing that I absolutely adore, and I have acquired a whole new page of skills that have been imperative to my growth as a person.
Furthermore, it has helped me improve my communication and leadership skills.
As part of Student Council, my purpose is to improve the experience of the student body in academic and nonacademic aspects of studying at Insworld.

Chan yi man

My purpose in joining the Student Council was to gain confidence, to attain leadership skills for my future, and to hear and learn from other people’s contributions to planning event. Students shouldn’t hesitate to approach me for any reason as I’m outgoing and friendly and would love to help them out with what they need. I loved the ECA’s chosen by the Student Council, such as basketball. Being a member of the Council now, I hope to organize fun and memorable events for the students.

Manjanabail aiditi prashanth

My purpose in being a Student Council is to help plan events and make sure students and teachers have an enjoyable time.
Students can look for me whenever they need to talk or want to contribute stuff about event i.e. graduation, they would be able to tell me their opinions and as Student Council I would be able to apply their opinion to the event allowing the students to have more enjoyable time.

Shaikh tanisha gulzar
International GCSE