Student Blog: A ‘Break’ from the Norm

Student Blog: A ‘Break’ from the Norm

If you were given a whole week to enjoy a vacation but have minimum budget, what would you do? Laze around at home? Watch television? Sleep? If you ask me, the answer would be “yes.”

Well, sort of.

I mean, I did all of those. I’m a “normal” teenager, anyway. So, I did watch Hannibal, Supernatural…every possible TV series that you can think of. And yes, I did enjoy a good amount of sleep. About 9 hours each day, to be a bit exact. But that said, I’m proud to say that I actually did something else. Something more productive. Something more meaningful – and it didn’t cost me more than the time and effort I exerted to make it happen.

Of course, I’m talking about photography (as you might have guessed, based on my previous post). And though it didn’t used to be in my “to-do” list, especially during term breaks, it’s now becoming an activity that I would rather do than anything else – term break or otherwise.

Here’s how my recent photo sessions went.


Weeks before the term break started, I already finalized my plan as to how I’ll go about my photo shoots. I already selected the venues I’ll be taking photos from, which day I’ll be going, what time and with who.

That said, I also made a separate schedule for me to go out and take photos on my own. I mean, I do enjoy taking photos with friends as we get to share ideas and look after one another as we venture through different venues and areas. But, sometimes, I rather go myself so that no one will have to wait for me to get that “perfect shot.” Like, I can spend a good 30 minutes taking photos of the same subject until I am satisfied before I go. Whether it is a duck splashing about in the water or waiting for a pelican to spread it’s wings, I can just wait and take my time until I finally get  that shot that I am looking for.


At the moment, I’m very into “nature photography.” And I have observed that the more I engage myself in this type of photography, the more I learn about issues concerning our environment.

One issue in particular that I feel strongly against is the fact that some people who visit nature parks just mindlessly throw rubbish anywhere. I mean, come on. I suppose the main reason why anynone would visit a nature park is to enjoy its “purity” and and serenity. And then that same person would just throw scraps around? It doesn’t make any sense. I think we should be more responsible in terms of keeping nature parks (or any park for that matter) clean so that the animals can continue to inhabit it.

There was one time I saw two boys in front of me who were going fishing. One boy had dumped the empty bottle on the ground and had walked away. He turned back to see if anyone saw. I was obviously there but that did not stop them from picking it up. I grabbed the bottle and managed to catch up to the boys. That was when I realized that they were much older than me. However, that did not stop me from returning that bottle to them saying ‘Do me a favour would you? Throw this in a bin instead of this park.’ They seemed surprised and apologized. Without looking back, I gave an okay sign and continued walking on. Please keep it clean. These parks are free and I want the parks to continue to be free for people. Therefore, we should be responsible enough for our own litter and pick up rubbish that belongs to us.

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By the way, I didn’t include information as to where these photos were taken. The photos speak for themselves and, I suppose, anyone can tell straight away what they’re about.


DID YOU KNOW: Insworld Institute provides students with various extracurricular activities (ECAs) that they can join in – which includes Photography. For more information about the school’s ECAs, you may click here

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Gabrielle is currently studying Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level at Insworld Institute. She is also the President of the school’s Student Council and a member of the school house “Epicurus.”