“The Fabian Scholarship is awarded to academic achievers and is in line with the values that Insworld Institute aims to promote and embody”


Fabian is name derived from the Roman clan “Fabius” and which has been given to several Roman emperors and sixteen saints. It is also synonymous with the Fabian Society in the UK – a group of the most prominent and respected academics from Oxford and Cambridge universities.

It was for these reasons that the academic scholarship at Insworld Institute was named the “Fabian Scholarship.” The awarding of the scholarship is also in line with the values that the school aims to promote and embody, which are:

  •  Leadership
  •  Social Responsibility
  •  Integrity
  •  Diversity

What is the Fabian Scholarship?

The Fabian Scholarship is offered to academic achievers who would like to pursue a degree in highly regarded fields such as Medicine, Psychology, Law, Engineering or Economics. Each year, Insworld Institute offers up to ten (10) scholarships to students applying for the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (‘O’ Level) programme or the GCE ‘A’ Level programme as follows:

  •  Full – Tuition Fee Scholarships – up to Four (4) students
  •  Half – Tuition Fee Scholarships – up to Six (6) students

All decisions relevant to the awarding of the scholarship are made by the school’s Managing Director.

Application Procedures:

  1. Applicants are required to submit the Application for Admission Form along with the Fabian Scholarship Application Form and the SGD1,000 non-refundable application fee. The fee is inclusive of the application for admission fee for the programmes at Insworld Institute.
  2. Ensure to submit / meet all requirements stated in both forms – which includes a copy of your academic results and qualifications.
  3. Personal Essay Statement – Please write a brief essay on “Why do you deserve the Fabian Scholarship?” This essay should be more than 800 words and submitted along with your completed applications. Reference should be made in the essay as to how you embody one or more of the above Insworld Institute Values. The essay can be typed into our web portal but you still need to submit this original along with the applications.
  4. Teachers and Principal Recommendation – Please ask your Principal and a Teacher to submit a “Letter of Recommendation” on your behalf on the school letter head, with their contact details.
  5. Send your completed application forms and essay with the supporting documents to:

Director of Admissions
Insworld Institute Pte Ltd
100 Beach Road
#19-06 Shaw Tower
Singapore 189702

Apply Online:

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