Principal's Message​

Thank you for your interest in Insworld Institute.

Insworld is a distinctive institution. We are a private school located in Singapore teaching local and international students a British curriculum which has been adapted to suit the needs of the international learner.

Like all good schools, our primary focus is on the academic achievement of our students. Our experience and understanding of the needs of our students have led us to develop an approach to teaching and learning which we believe gives them the best opportunity to realise their academic potential. This approach works. Insworld students have a proven track record of gaining places at leading universities and medical schools.

We choose to work only with small class sizes (4-12 students). We see this as the most effective way to ensure that all students make academic progress. Small class sizes allow us to select the teaching methodology, resources and learning activities that enable each student in each class to extend their learning. We set our students challenging but achievable targets, and monitor their progress carefully. To make sure our students are working effectively, we provide extensive personal and academic support, including free one-to-one extra tuition sessions for all students who need it.

Insworld is about more than achieving good grades. We believe that students should develop personally as well as intellectually. We have programmes of extra-curricular activities that encourage students to participate in sports and recreational pastimes, as well as outreach activities which help promote a strong sense of social responsibility.

Insworld is a lively multi-national community. We aim to offer a safe and supportive environment in which every student can flourish. We encourage our students to be engaged, active and individual; to show mutual respect and consideration for others, and to value diverse cultural and social traditions. Our staff and our students make our school a welcoming and inclusive place where everyone can feel appreciated for who they are.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Arthur Davis