Pre-Course Counselling

1. Brief history of Insworld Institute and its Vision, Mission, Values and Culture

2. School location and general description of the school facilities and infrastructure

3. The School Management Team, Academic Board, Examination Board and Academic Faculty

4. Application Process

5. Course information including admission requirements

6. Sample of Timetables, Internal and External Examinations Schedules

b. Examination Timetables

  • Pearson Edexcel External Exams
  • School Internal Exams

7. Term Dates and Fees Payable (tuition and non-tuition fees, application fee, miscellaneous fees, etc)

14. Student Support Services

18. Additional information for International Students

19. Feedback/Complaint Procedure

Insworld Institute welcomes all comments from stakeholders on the quality and effectiveness of our provision.

We particularly want to know if stakeholders experience problems with any aspect of the way we work. We would hope to manage any problems on an informal basis and reach a conclusion that is acceptable to all parties.

Feedback may be submitted to the school by email at

All formal complaints will be acknowledged by the school and duly investigated in accordance with Insworld’s Complaints Policy and Procedure.

A full response will be provided within fourteen working days. If this response is not acceptable to the complainant, the matter will be further investigated and a response provided within a further seven working days.

At all times, a stakeholder has the right to file a complaint with the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), or the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SiArb) to seek other legal redress against Insworld Institute