Study a British-Based Curriculum in Singapore

Insworld Institute was established in 2000 to provide local and international students in Singapore with the opportunity to study a curriculum that prepares them to sit for exams and acquire internationally-recognised academic qualificationsThe Pearson Edexcel curriculum is the most suitable curriculum for Insworld students, as its international exams (Lower Secondary, International GCSE and International A-Level) are designed to meet the needs of the international student. In particular, the Pearson Edexcel International A-Level exams are modular rather than linear in design; an approach which can result in less stress and anxiety for the student while maintaining academic standards.

Insworld believes that teaching in small classes gives students the meaningful opportunity to extend their knowledge quickly and accurately. This is central to the way we work. We are able to cater for the needs of each individual learner while maintaining a proper focus on academic progress and exam success. Small classes also give students opportunities to develop the qualities of integrity, independence and empathy that will enable them  to pursue their future goals with greater confidence and self-assurance.

Our Values


At Insworld we believe part of our responsibility is to encourage students to develop as independent individuals. We will seek to promote what we believe are essential values through the way we are organized and the way we work. We want to lead by example and allow students to see the benefits of accountability and transparency, of integrity and social responsibility, of empathy and compassion. We organize student activities to foster and encourage these values, both at an individual level and as a school community.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is an essential part of any organisation. We value this in every aspect of our work, and we encourage our students to take the same approach. We will be open and honest with our students, and we want our students to take the same approach with us. This engenders personal responsibility and integrity. Our holistic Edexcel curriculum allows this values to be emphasized as part of our teaching programme. The weekly meeting between each student and their personal tutor is an opportunity to put this into practice. We will always treat each student as an individual and try to understand how they work. An important part of this is always listening to students and responding openly and honestly to what they say.


Insworld represents diversity in practice. We are a multi-cultural community in Singapore with a vibrant mix of local and international students. All our students have different stories, many come from different backgrounds and traditions and have different ways of seeing the world, yet all our students mix together and study together as part of the same learning community. There is a healthy interest and respect for what makes people different, as well as a recognition of shared values and interests that bring them together.

Why choose Insworld?

Insworld is a private school in Singapore which provides a holistic and comprehensive Pearson Edexcel curriculum. As a school our focus must be on academic success. Enabling students to make the most of their potential and opportunities to secure the best exam grades is central to our mission and values. The British-based curriculum we use helps our students to learn quickly and accurately, and offers excellent preparation for university-level studies. We take pride in the achievements of our students who have gone on to study at prestigious universities in Singapore or abroad. However, we also seek to help each student develop as an individual, to be self-reliant and able to think for themselves, to understand what they value and to stay true to these a curriculum that prepares them to sit for exams and acquire internationally-recognised academic qualifications