GCE A-Level / International Advanced Level (IAL)

The Insworld GCE A-Level / International A-Level (IAL) programme is an 18-22 month A-Level programme for local and international students in Singapore. The programme is designed to prepare students for GCE A-Level / IAL examinations administered by Pearson Edexcel, a fully accredited UK Exam Board and Awarding Body.  The A-Level is the standard pre-university qualification in the UK. A-Levels are also recognised by universities worldwide and in Singapore as valid indicators of academic achievement and potential.

Why enrol at Insworld for A-Levels in Singapore?

Because Insworld Institute is a private school in Singapore, our GCE A-Level / IAL programme has greater flexibility in enrolment dates, delivery of programmes, and exam dates.We can adapt the length and content of our programmes to suit the particular needs of each student. This is particularly important for international students from different education backgrounds who come to study for A-Levels in Singapore at different stages in their school career.

Exceptional students may even complete the programme in a shorter time, allowing them the flexibility to plan their own learning within the overall curriculum. Insworld recognises the need for individualised learning, and encourages values of independence and integrity in every student. Students receive  individual private sessions with a Personal Tutor, who will guide them in setting SMART goals and monitoring their academic progress.

How are GCE A-Levels / IAL conducted at Insworld?

Insworld uses specifications provided by Pearson Edexcel to prepare students for Pearson Edexcel A-Level / IAL exams. We are one of the few private schools in Singapore offering this option. Pearson Edexcel IAL programmes are modular in design. Each subject is divided into a number of discrete modules, which are taught and examined separately. This allows greater flexibility in the delivery of course content and the timing of examinations. The exams can be spread out over the duration of the programme.

As a result, the delivery of programmes and the timing of exams to be adapted to best meet the needs of each individual learner, and students need to take exams only when they feel they are ready to be assessed.  If for any reason an exam result in a module is disappointing, it is possible to re-sit the exam for that module only, without having to take the entire exam again. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

To learn more about Pearson Edexcel  A-Level / IAL programmes, click here

What can I study for A-Levels / IAL at Insworld?

Students usually take 3 or 4 subjects at A-Level / IAL, depending on their future plans and what they wish to study at university. While we can teach any combination of the subjects we offer at GCE A-Level /IAL, specific subject combinations are strongly recommended for competitive university courses such as Medicine, Engineering, or Law. Please contact us for more personalised information on A-Level / IAL subject combinations  and university entrance.

The A-Level / IAL subjects offered at Insworld are:

*For selected subjects, please get in touch with us to check on subject availability at Insworld

Course Duration

6 terms (18 – 22 months)

Class Size

4 – 12 students

Main Intakes

January and July

Other Enrolment Periods

March / April
September / October

Entry Requirements

Recommended Age16-18
English ProficiencyIELTS 5.00 / TOEFL 220 or equivalent

Must have completed the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE programme or equivalent

Academic Progression

On successful completion of this programme, students will have obtained a strong, well-rounded education that will qualify them to progress to degree programmes at fully accredited prestigious universities worldwide.

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