International Academic Qualifications: Do They Matter?

International Academic Qualifications: Do They Matter?

There has been a lot of interest in international qualifications in Asia at the moment. As students look further afield for their education and jobs, the local qualifications are having difficulty keeping up. Even in countries that are just in the early stages of opening up, international qualifications have become an important goal in many lives.

With the interest in these qualifications it has opened up a market in tuition centers where students can go to supplement what they learn at school and also prepare themselves for the international stage. At the moment English and Chinese are the most popular subjects to learn for students who are interested in going overseas and working in international companies inside Cambodia. One prime example of this is the UK tutoring services

After which many students will continue to follow the UK curriculum with International GCSE and A levels. These qualifications allow the students to go anywhere they desire to do their post graduate studies. Further information concerning this can be found at Education System in Cambodia, Employment in Cambodia and ASEAN 2015.

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