Insworld’s “Go-Getters” of Term 2 (2016)

Insworld’s “Go-Getters” of Term 2 (2016)

At the end of each term, Insworld conducts student appraisals to identify individuals who performed outstandingly in areas that the school believes are necessary for academic success and personal growth.
Specifically, the criteria used to evaluate students are: Performance Factors, Achievement of Academic SMART Targets, Attendance and Punctuality, Completion of Assignments, Active Participation in ECA, Embracing Insworld’s Values of Leadership, Social responsibility, Integrity and Diversity.
In this article, we feature some of the students who managed to attain impressive scores in each category – and included their teachers’ opinions about their overall performance in school. So, ladies and gents, here they are…the “go-getters” of Term 2 2016.

Seth Teoh En (Singaporean, Graduate Student)

insworld 5framedThe recipient of the “Top Student” award during last term’s “Insworld Graduation Party,” Seth is without a doubt one of the school’s most gifted and well-rounded students.

According to one of his teachers, Ms Zainab Taherbhai Unwala, when it comes to academics “Seth doesn’t leave any stone unturned. If there’s anything that needs to get done, he gets it done. It’s impressive because, though he participates in sports activities outside the school, he never neglects his studies.”

Indeed, Seth actively plays tennis and competes on a national level – which garners him the respect admiration of his peers. We wish him all the best and hope that he achieves his goal of attaining a Medical degree and pursuing a career in the field.

Ammar Haider Manasawala (Singaporean, Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level)

insworld0framedDefinitely one of the most active students at Insworld, Ammar seems to have found the secret to balancing time spent on studying and on other worthwhile student activities.

According to one of his teachers, Ms Zainab Taherbhai Unwala, “Ammar is not only a bright student, but he also has not missed out on any significant school activities. He actively joins extracurricular activities and volunteers in school-organised charity works, which I think is really good for his personal growth and development.”

After completing his secondary education at Insworld, Ammar hopes to progress to a leading university to attain a Medical degree. And, if he continues at this rate, there is no doubt that he can achieve these goals.

May Phone “Miracle” Mo (Burmese, Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level)

insworld 2framedIndeed, May Phone is nothing short of a “miracle” when it comes to her school performance. Wearing more than one hat, she is able to fulfil her role as President of the Student Council and her responsibilities as an ‘A’ level student.

How does she do it? Her teacher, Ms Zainab Taherbhai Unwala, explains.

“Putting her natural leadership skills aside, I think that Miracle is simply just gifted and talented. She’s very active in engaging herself in various school activities, which I think is good for gaining a more meaningful academic experience. If she manages to keep her focus, I think she can achieve whatever goal she has set for herself.”

Minkee Kim (Korean, Edexcel International Tuition Programme)

Minkee may be a “relatively” new student at Insworld Institute, but he is already showing a lot of academic potential and promise.

insworld 3framedAccording to one of her teachers, Ms Jha Smriti, “Minkee is a highly motivated student. He’s always enthusiastic in class and interested to learn new things. As a teacher, I love seeing that in a student. You can really tell that he can potentially progress well in his studies because he enjoys learning.”

Minkee’s enthusiasm in class is also apparent during school activities and events. In fact, we bet that you would be able to spot him right away in this music video that he “acted in” and helped produced with his peers during last year’s Leadership Camp.

Yujun “Golda” Gao (Chinese, Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level)

Always pleasant and polite, Golda is one of those students that teachers will almost immediately like and be popular among her peers within the school.

insworld 4framedThat said, do not mistake her for being all “smiles and sunshine.”

Golda is tenacious when it comes to doing well with her studies and achieving her academic goals. In fact, her teacher Ms Editha Ongpauco said that “There is no doubt to Golda’s desire to be an achiever. She has a singular focus and commitment to her studies, and is always hungry for knowledge. Her prospects continue to be very bright and remains to be the best in his cohort.”

Indeed, we look forward to hearing more good things about this sweet but very tenacious young achiever.

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