Student Blog: A Glimpse at the Life of a Psychology Student

Student Blog: A Glimpse at the Life of a Psychology Student

Hi friends! Welcome and thank you for reading my first blog entry here in my school’s official website. I call you all friends straightaway because I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts and opinions, and a glimpse of how my student life is like here at Insworld Institute. Likewise, I hope you can also share with me your thoughts and comments – they are most welcome indeed. On that note, have fun reading and hope to hear from you soon!


My name is Gabrielle Ong or “Gabs,” as my teachers often call me. I am 18 years old and I’m Singaporean-Chinese with “Peranakan” ancestry – which explains my brown eyes and random use of Malay words during conversations at times.

If there’s one thing that you should really know about me, however, is that I “love” Psychology. I love studying it, reading about it, writing about it, watching films about it and practically surrounding myself with anything that has anything to do with “the study of the human mind and behavior.”


My interest for studying Psychology began when I was still studying in my previous Secondary school. At that time, I observed that fellow students approached me very often for advice or simply just to rant about issues that they were going through then. Perhaps it was due to the fact that there wasn’t any available source or venue for us to receive any good “counselling” at that time, or maybe because people find me approachable somehow. In any case, I eventually realized that what I was actually doing are elements of Psychology or being a Psychologist.

And so, I began my journey of knowing more about the subject so I can pursue it both academically and professionally.

In fact, from then on, I started filling up my bookshelf with Psychology books – which actually has already taken up 90% of the total shelf space. But that’s not all. I got so “obsessed” with learning the subject that:

  • I actually took a “cab” once (it’s a big deal to me as it is far from my place and the amount of money spent was not within my budget) to go to the Harvard bookstore to purchase more Psychology books
  • While waiting for the results of my “O” Level exams, I asked my tutor to purchase a Psychology book for me (tell me about it, an “O “Level student reading a University Psychology textbook)
  • I actually make “notes” whenever I study Psychology textbooks
  • I bought Psychology textbooks from Polytechnics so that I can attain “additional” knowledge on the subject
  • To me, the best birthday present anyone can give me is a Psychology book (hint to my friends and classmates: DSM V)

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When I took up Psychology, life become more difficult…but in a good way. For example, it became harder for me and my friends to watch movies like Hunger Games, Divergent and the Maze Runner because we would end up discussing ethics or theories that can be applied in various scenarios depicted in such films.

Discussions during classes, however, are a bit more challenging and intense. Normal discussions would start on topics such as schizophrenia, what is our understanding of it, the actual definition, and then this may lead to us tackling or debating on current issues or perhaps even making a diagnosis of various subjects. But sometimes, as it happen in most classes with students our age, someone would crack a joke or ask “amusing” questions. Nevertheless, our teacher never fails to provide sensible replies to all of our questions – as “ridiculous” as they may seem sometimes (though I bet he is constantly asking himself how he ended up teaching a bunch of misfits).


The teacher mentioned earlier is Mr Dakila Cabarloc, who is also the advisor for the Student Council and the go-to person for student development. Mr Dakila or “‘Sir Ducks,” as we aptly call him sometimes (he has stuffed toy ducks in his classroom…funny isn’t it?), is indeed very knowledgeable on the subject – which makes us really look up to him. Another reason why we look up to him, though, is because he’s a professional prankster – which keeps us alert in class more than we should.

But, that’s all good.

In fact, that’s one of the many things that I personally like about studying here at Insworld Institute. The staff are professional, but they are also approachable and can make our learning experience fun and interesting. For someone like me who is studying Psychology, I think having this type of environment is important because the more you enjoy what you’re doing or where you’re at, the more you want to excel and do well.

And that’s how things are for me right now.


DID YOU KNOW: Aside from Psychology, GCE ‘A’ Level students can also choose subjects such as Accounting, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry and Economics. For more information, you may click here.

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Gabrielle is currently studying Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level at Insworld Institute. She is also the President of the school’s Student Council and a member of the school house “Epicurus.”