Insworld Institute’s List of “Students Who Achieved Their Personal Targets” for Term 3 (2015)

Insworld Institute’s List of “Students Who Achieved Their Personal Targets” for Term 3 (2015)

Every term, Insworld Institute conducts “Student Appraisals” to identify exemplary individuals who performed remarkably well in their academics, displayed personal growth and achieved the best ratings in their overall performance in school. Specifically, the criteria used to evaluate students are: Performance Factors, Achievement of Academic SMART Targets, Attendance and Punctuality, Completion of Assignments, Active Participation in ECA, Embracing Insworld’s Values of Leadership, Social responsibility, Integrity and Diversity.

And so, Insworld Institute would like to congratulate all “Students Who Achieved Their Personal Targets.”

All belonging in the #1 rank are:

Segna Kussujanarko (Indonesian, Edexcel International Tuition Programme) segna2

Smart, talented and very well-spoken, Segna is without a doubt one of Insworld Institute’s top and brightest students today!

At the young age of 14, Segna proves to already have what it takes to achieve success not only in his studies but also in his future career. Last term, in fact, his examination results in Science, Mathematics, Humanities and Information and Communication Technology were all above 90%.

Attaining results in these subjects seem to be very much in line with his “dream job” or career aspirations, which is to be a Software Engineer or a Computer Programmer. It’s also consistent with his hobbies and interests, which are computers and playing video games – though he also enjoys Astronomy and science fiction.

All in all, Segna pointed that the school’s small class size of 4 to 12 students has a lot to do with his achievements and current success. Correspondingly, the school believes that Segna is a good example of what can be achieved through hard work and discipline.

Ammar Haider Manasawala (Singaporean, Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level)ammar

Don’t let his mild-mannered looks deceive you, Ammar is an “academic force” to be reckoned with.

Just joining the school last term, Ammar immediately distinguished himself to be an extremely bright and brilliant student by achieving “above 90%” examination results in Core Mathematics, Statistics 1, Biology and Physics last term.

He is also considered by his peers as a “Leadership Camp Hero” for being one of the very few who managed to finish the “Kayaking Challenge” during the recent Insworld Institute Leadership Camp.

In the upcoming Cultural Week Celebration, Ammar will join his peers in a cultural performance which not only gives him the opportunity to impress the audience but also to showcase yet another one of his many talents – dancing!

Unassuming and yet apparently gifted , we expect Ammar to continuously surprise us with more success and achievements in the very near future.

May Phone Mo (Burmese, Pearson Edexcel GCE ‘A’ Level) miracle

May, whose nickname is “Miracle,” is indeed a source of wonder and joy to her family and friends here at Insworld Institute.

Coming from a humble beginning, May was granted the “Fabian Scholarship” last year. She has since lived up to the school’s expectations and to her own potentials by doing well in her chosen subjects – particularly in Core Mathematics and Economics.

She is also active in joining school activities and involves herself in community initiatives such as the recent “Arts & Craft” session with Singapore Red Cross. Before joining Insworld Institute, however, she already did volunteer works for the Civic Society Initiative in for the Hnin Si Gone Home for Aged.

May wishes for one thing in her life – to become a doctor so she can return all benefits to society. And now that she’s 18 (she celebrated her birthday last August), the school believes that the sky’s the limit for her. If she continues to keep up the good work, she most definitely can fulfill her dreams and goals in life.

Completing the top 10 list are these equally talented and gifted students:



Kim Minkee2
Ong Gabrielle Shue Ting and Ravikumar, Varun3
Chheang Phanin, Seth Teoh En, Seraphina Tan, Wen Ting and Zhang Shirui4
Kuan Yu Yao, Zining He and Wong Mei Yee5
Am Saravetty, Adrien Ray Francois Dupuis, Gao Yujun and Devtian Rizki Kurniawan6
Jean Brian Andrew Riacca7
Trivyora Otniel Mulyono8
Choong Huixian Rachel, Konthorn Wuttiwongkhana, Nair Anaysh, Su Myint Thu, Gurveen Kaur and Itthipol Napol9
Korkmaz Deniz, Sree Jayan Sanjay, Nicolle Isabella Boediono and Phanida Napol10


Again, congratulations to all students who made it to our “Students Who Achieved Their Personal Targets” list for last term. Who will make it in list for Term 4 (2015)? We can’t wait to find out and tell you all about it. So, keep posted!


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