Insworld Institute Magazine

Insworld Institute Magazine

We are excited to share with you our 1st edition of Insworld Institute Magazine, which features an array of compelling content showcasing the talents, achievements, and school life of our students.

The magazine highlights the journey of our A37 & O37 graduates, providing an intimate look at their experiences, memories, and remarkable talents. We have captured the essence of what makes our students unique, and we are proud to showcase the incredible individuals they have become.

In addition, our school counselor has provided essential tips for university success, such as emotional control and flexible thinking, and our highest achiever shares her strategies for academic and personal success in a Q&A session.

We hope that our magazine will provide insight into the amazing accomplishments of our graduates and a window into the dynamic and exciting school life that our students lead. We hope you enjoy our very first edition of Insworld Institute Magazine!

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