All Students – except for Singaporean, Permanent Residence and Holder of Immigration Exemptions Orders – MUST apply for a Student’s Pass (STP) to study at Insworld Institute. The application for a STP will take approximately 4-6 weeks.


STP Application Process

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Insworld will assist with the STP application once the following documents have been submitted by the student:

1. Completed STP Online Application Form

2. One recent passport sized photograph

3. Photocopy of international passport (bio-data page/s only)

4. Photocopy of birth certificate*

5. Photocopy of academic transcripts and certificates*

* If original certificates/transcripts are in any language other than English, please provide a certified translation.

Additional documents are required from:

  1. Applicants from visa required countries will also need to provide copies of the following:
  • Proof of financial ability in the form of bank statements – minimum amount of SGD30,000
  • A letter from a company confirming the monthly salary/income of the applicant’s parents
  1. Applicants with a parent/spouse who is a Singaporean or Permanent Resident in Singapore will need to provide:
  • Copy of parents/spouses Marriage Certificate
  • Parents/spouses highest education certificate
  • Parents/spouses letter of employment or a copy of a Business Registration
  • Certificate if the parent/spouse is self-employed.
  • Parents/spouses monthly CPF contributions for the past 12 months
  • Parents/spouses Tax Assessment Notices for the past 2 years
  1. If the applicant is from the PRC and above 19 years of age, it is possible for the applicant to attend an Interview at the Singapore Embassy in Beijing and the following additional documents should be prepared in advance:
  • Original and photocopies of applicant’s birth certificate*
  • Original and photocopies of highest academic education certificate*
  • Original and photocopies of transcripts*
  • 6 months of RMB200,000 in the form of Fixed Deposit Advice
  • Parent’s monthly income statements slips for the past 6 months

*All these certificates must be notarized by the local Chinese Notary Public Office, certified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRC as well as the Singapore Embassy/Consulate-General in China.

Approval of Student’s Pass (STP)

Once the STP is approved, the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore will provide an In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter issued for the applicant to complete the formalities and collect the Student’s Pass card at ICA. The student may also use the IPA letter to enter Singapore on a Social Visit Pass (one-time only).

On arrival in Singapore, Insworld will assist the student to collect the STP. Some of the documents that may be requested are:

  1. Medical Check
  2. International Passport and the Embarkation Card

Medical Check-up

Please click here for a copy of the Medical Check-up Form. The medical examination may be done in Singapore by any registered General Practitioner (GP) at the cost of approximately SGD50.00. Applicants who are in their home countries/places of residence may have their home countries/places of residence at any medical clinic licensed to carry out such test. If HIV testing is done in Singapore, it may be carried out with either rapid or ELISA tests.

Note for Dependent Pass’s Holders Who Are Applying for STP

Please note that each Dependent’s Pass’s application for a STP will be considered on its merit by ICA and either a ‘Letter of Consent’ will be issued, allowing the student to remain on a Dependent Pass or the Pass will be changed to a Student’s Pass.

For more information on ICA policies and procedures on Student’s Pass, please visit ICA website.