Students may choose to enquire about Insworld Institute and its programmes through the agents listed on this page

Active Agents


CountryAgent’s NameStart DateEnd Date
VietnamBlue Ocean Development and Investment Trading Company Ltd24-01-1731-12-17
CambodiaCam – Jade Asia Co, Ltd01-01-1731-12-17
KoreaConcordia Overseas Education12-01-1731-12-17
VietnamConnect 360 Joint Stock Company02-09-1731-12-17
SingaporeESIN Group Pte Ltd17-01-1731-12-17
UzbekistanEVA LLC02-09-1731-12-17
MalaysiaGEN Education (M) Sdn Bhd01-01-1731-12-17
KoreaGoldmax International Study Service Centre01-01-1731-12-17
ChinaHubei Jinmao Abroad Consulting Management Co.,Ltd01-01-1731-12-17
SingaporeInsworld Consultant Services Pte Ltd01-01-1731-12-17
SingaporeInternational Education Placement and Services Pte Ltd01-01-1731-12-17
MalaysiaJM Education Counselling Centre Sdn Bhd01-01-1731-12-17
IndonesiaJS Education Consultant01-01-1731-12-17
SingaporeLezhongda Consultancy Pte Ltd01-01-1731-12-17
SingaporeMG Education Services LLP01-01-1731-12-17
SingaporeRainbow Bridge International Training & Exchange Institution Pte Ltd01-01-1731-12-17
KoreaThe Uhak01-01-1731-12-17
SingaporeTimes Business Consulting Pte Ltd01-01-1731-12-17
SingaporeTrue Center Educational Services01-01-1731-12-17
MayanmarYangon Institute for University Studies01-01-1731-12-17
ThailandZenith Education Professional Co. Ltd01-01-1731-12-17

Inactive Agents


CountryAgent’s NameExpiry Date
Singapore5 + 2 Harvest31-12-2016
MalaysiaA3 Education and training31-12-2016
MayanmarAdvanced Technologies and Solutions Co., Ltd31-12-2016
ChinaBeijing Fanzhidu Educational Information Consulting Co., Ltd (Jincheng Branch)31-12-2016
ChinaBeijing Golden Orient International Educational & Cultural Exchange Center Wuhan Office31-12-2016
ChinaBeijing Hangao Training School31-12-2016
SingaporeBeijing KeRun Education Wenhua Development Co., Ltd (Wuhan Services Centre)31-12-2016
ChinaBeijing Wanji Consulting CO, Ltd Shenzhen Futian Branch31-12-2016
SingaporeBestway Enterprise Pte Ltd31-12-2016
ThailandBridge Blue Company Limited31-12-2016
MayanmarComplete Education and Touring Australia (Thailand) Co. Ltd31-12-2015
IndonesiaCrown Consulting Limited31-12-2015
SingaporeCV. Media Education Consultant31-12-2015
HongkongCyara Pte Ltd31-12-2015
ThailandDadi Overseas Studies Service Center31-12-2015
ChinaDSS International Language Services Company Limited31-12-2015
SingaporeEdu Shanghai International Co., Ltd31-12-2015
SingaporeEducation Unlimited Singapore31-12-2015
SingaporeEduViet Global Study Abroad Company Limited31-12-2015
TaiwanEI Holdings Pte Ltd31-12-2015
HongkongETC Education Group LLP31-12-2015
MalaysiaFranklin International Education Group31-12-2015
VietnamGlobal Education Consulting and Training Company Limited31-12-2015
MongoliaHang Luong Company Limited31-12-2015
SingaporeHK New Age Int’l Education Consulting Limited Zhanjiang Office31-12-2015
SingaporeIEC (International Education Consultancy)31-12-2014
MyanmarInternational Education & Trading Company LTD.,31-12-2014
VietnamInternational Exchange Center31-12-2014
SingaporeJuying Education Pte Ltd31-12-2014
ChinaKing-On Holdings Ptd Ltd31-12-2014
ChinaLearned Advisory Services31-12-2013
SingaporeNguyen Thi Anh Hoa31-12-2013
SingaporeNhat Anh Education and Training Consultancy Company Limited31-12-2013
ChinaPhu Hoan Cau Education Links Company Limited31-12-2013
SingaporeRaffles Inc Pte Ltd31-12-2013
VietnamRay Education Consultants31-12-2013
ChinaShanghai Education International Co., Ltd – Wuhan Branch31-12-2013
TaiwanSingapore Overseas Scholars Consultancy LLP31-12-2013
ChinaSingEdu Consultancy & Service31-12-2013
SingaporeSin-Teochew Culture Communications Co., Ltd31-12-2013
SingaporeState Jaffray Asia Holdings Group Pte Ltd31-12-2015
SingaporeSuldan (Asia) Resources31-12-2015
VietnamViet Duong International Education Development Company Limited31-12-2015
VietnamWestern Education Co. Ltd31-12-2015
ChinaWiseway Global Co., Ltd31-12-2015
TaiwanWonderful World Co., Ltd31-12-2015
ChinaWuhan Zhongrui Education Investment Co., Ltd31-12-2013
SingaporeXin Hai Culture(s) Pte Ltd31-12-2016
SingaporeYuming Management Consultant31-12-2016