Hand Painting the Future: The Role of Art Education in Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Hand Painting the Future: The Role of Art Education in Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Surveys have shown that the vast majority of professionals wish they had had more exposure to creative thinking as students and that creative thinking is critical for problem solving in their career.

It is certainly true that all subjects invite creative thinking, but art programmes encourage it even more. The ability of human intelligence helps individuals to use their imagination and produce original ideas and solutions. Today, the logical, linear, sequential, and spreadsheet abilities are still necessary, but now they are not enough. Today’s society has gone beyond being able to do just the well-defined problem and has moved into the world of the ill-defined problem. The future now belongs to creators, pattern recognisers and big picture thinkers.


Art education boosts our imaginative skills so that we can then develop into those creators, pattern recognisers and big picture thinkers.

For example, when students are asked to paint a picture, they actually have to use their imagination before creating their design. Accordingly, they expand their imagination. The point is that creativity is the core of any artwork. When a student is engaged in their work of art, they start thinking in a different way and, in this way art education keeps the brain active. When students engage in art, they start utilising all their senses and learn to contrast, combine and compose new things.

Accordingly, students are better able to think clearly about the things that they are taught and so, arts education helps to develop logic by providing clarity in thoughts and by giving a visual image for every concept.


On a deep level, art is also a form of communication, it is another way of expressing ourselves and our emotions and it can help with processing feelings and experiences. The creator also becomes the manifestly competent communicator.

So, by way of summary art education is central to developing the leaders, thinkers and innovators of tomorrow and helping them to better communicate their vision.

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Did you know: Insworld Institute offers “Arts & Design” as one of the subjects to choose from under the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (‘O’ Level) and the GCE ‘A’ Level programmes. At the same, students are provided with opportunities to participate in various art-related activities and events such as art competitions and “Art Week” celebrations. The school also provides art-related clubs such as Photography and Music.

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Mr Matthew James Cole is the Principal of Insworld Institute. He is also the head of the school’s Academic Board and Examination Board.