English for Academic Study (EAS)

The Insworld English for Academic Study (EAS) course is an integrated language and Academic Skills programme that focuses on developing the English Language skills and study skills that are essential for academic progress at Insworld Institute and at university.

The Insworld EAS programme is intended for students who have not achieved the minimum English Language level required to join an EITP, International GCSE or A-Level programme. The EAS programme places equal emphasis on the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The EAS focus on academic content means that it provides solid preparation for externally assessed English Language exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. It also teaches practical academic skills which will help students to study more effectively. These include;

  • Making effective presentations
  • Listening for detail and note-taking
  • Using subject-specific academic vocabulary
  • Writing in an appropriate academic register
  • Organising and planning written assignments
  • Essay structure and planning
  • Developing techniques for reading academic texts quickly and accurately
  • Developing independent learning strategies

Insworld offers different EAS programmes based on the student’s English ability. These are:

  • English for Academic Study – 9 months
  • Certificate in English for Academic Study (Elementary) – 3 months
  • Certificate in English for Academic Study (Intermediate) – 3 months
  • Certificate in English for Academic Study (Advanced) – 3 months

Class Size

4 – 12 students

Enrolment Periods

March / April
September / October

Entry Requirements

Recommended Age11-18
English ProficiencyN/A

Students need to have a beginner’s level of English and must take the school’s placement test to determine their level of English.