Students may choose to enquire about Insworld Institute and its programmes through the agents listed on this page

Active Agents

CountryAgent’s NameStart DateEnd Date
CambodiaCam – Jade Asia Co, Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
CambodiaLKN (Cambodia) Co. Ltd07-02-1831-12-18
ChinaHubei Jinmao Abroad Consulting Management Co.,Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
ChinaNanjing Orchid Education Consulting Co. , Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
China HongkongGoldmax International Study Service Centre01-01-1831-12-18
IndiaSA Consultants13-06-1831-12-18
IndonesiaJS Education Consultant01-01-1831-12-18
JapanCulture Connection Pte. Ltd12-03-1831-12-18
KoreaConcordia Overseas Education01-01-1831-12-18
MalaysiaEdu Dot Com10-07-1831-12-18
MalaysiaGEN Education (M) Sdn Bhd01-01-1831-12-18
MalaysiaJM Education Counselling Centre Sdn Bhd01-01-1831-12-18
MyanmarSmart Resources Company Limited01-01-1831-12-18
MyanmarYangon Institute for University Studies01-01-1831-12-18
MyanmarFuture Link14-08-1831-12-18
SingaporeILC Singapore Pte Ltd17-07-1831-12-18
SingaporeInsworld Consultant Services Pte Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
SingaporeInternational Education Placement And Services Pte01-01-1831-12-18
SingaporeLezhongda Consultancy Pte Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
SingaporeMG Education Services LLP01-01-1831-12-18
SingaporeShekinah G Pte Ltd28-04-1831-12-18
SingaporeTimes Business Consulting Pte Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
SingaporeTrue Center Educational Services01-01-1831-12-18
ThailandZenith Education Professional Co. Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
UzbekistanNeo Consulting15-05-1831-12-18
VietnamBlue Ocean Development and Investment Trading Company Ltd01-01-1831-12-18
VietnamInternational Development Company Ltd01-01-1831-12-18

Inactive Agents

CountryAgent’s NameExpiry Date
ChinaBeijing Wanji Consulting Co, Ltd Shenzhen Futian Branch31-12-16
SingaporeYuming Management Consultant31-12-16
SingaporeJuying Education Pte Ltd31-12-16
SingaporeXin Hai Culture (S) Pte Ltd31-12-16
SingaporeEl Holdings Pte Ltd31-12-16
TaiwanFranklin Int’l Education Group31-12-16
ThailandDSS International Language Services Company Limited31-12-16
VietnamInternational Education & Trading Company LTD.31-12-16
SingaporeRaffles Inc Pte Ltd31-12-16
ChinaBeijing Hangao Training School31-12-15
ChinaWiseway Global Co., Ltd31-12-15
Hong KongDadi Overseas Studies Service Center31-12-15
MalaysiaA3 Education and training31-12-15
MyanmarCrown Consulting Limited31-12-15
SingaporeCyara Pte Ltd31-12-15
SingaporeEducation Unlimited Singapore31-12-15
Singapore5 + 2 Harvest31-12-15
SingaporeETC Education Group LLP31-12-15
SingaporeState Jaffray Asia Holdings Group Pte Ltd31-12-15
SingaporeKing-On Holdings Ptd Ltd31-12-15
SingaporeJuying Education Pte Ltd31-12-15
TaiwanWonderful World Co., Ltd31-12-15
ThailandComplete Education and Touring Australia (Thailand) Co. Ltd31-12-15
VietnamNhat Anh Education and Training Consultancy Company Limited31-12-15
ChinaSin-Teochew Culture Communications Co., Ltd31-12-14
ChinaBeijing Golden Orient International Educational & Cultural Exchange Center Wuhan Office31-12-14
MyanmarAdvanced Technologies and Solutions Co., Ltd31-12-14
SingaporeSingapore Overseas Scholars Consultancy LLP31-12-14
SingaporeBestway Enterprise Pte Ltd31-12-14
VietnamViet Duong International Education Development Company Limited31-12-14
ChinaWuhan Zhongrui Education Investment Co., Ltd31-12-13
ChinaBeijing KeRun Education Wenhua Development Co., Ltd (Wuhan Services Centre)31-12-13
ChinaShanghai Education International Co., Ltd – Wuhan Branch31-12-13
ChinaEdu Shanghai International Co., Ltd31-12-13
ChinaRay Education Consultants31-12-13
ChinaBeijing Fanzhidu Educational Information Consulting Co., Ltd (Jincheng Branch)31-12-13
IndonesiaCV. Media Education Consultant31-12-13
MalaysiaIEC (International Education Consultancy)31-12-13
MongoliaInternational Exchange Center31-12-13
MyanmarLearned Advisory Services31-12-13
SingaporeSingEdu Consultancy & Service31-12-13
SingaporeSingapore Overseas Scholars Consultancy LLP31-12-13
SingaporeNguyen Thi Anh Hoa31-12-13
SingaporeSuldan (Asia) Resources31-12-13
VietnamPhu Hoan Cau Education Links Company Limited31-12-13
VietnamGlobal Education Consulting and Training Company Limited31-12-13
VietnamHang Luong Company Limited31-12-13
VietnamEduViet Global Study Abroad Company Limited31-12-13
VietnamBridge Blue Comapany Limited31-12-13
VietnamWestern Education Co. Ltd31-12-13