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The Admissions Department manages all aspects of the application and enrolment process for students at Insworld Institute, including fee payments. It also ensures that Insworld Institute will uphold the statutory rights of students, parents and guardians, and meet its own legal and regulatory obligations as a Private Education Institution, as set out in the Private Education Act 2009, and regulated by the Committee for Private Education through EduTrust. These responsibilities are detailed in this section. This section also contains information about what to do if you feel Insworld Institute is not meeting its statutory, regulatory or other commitments to its students, parents, guardians or other stakeholders.

Be part of Insworld Institute Family and enjoy all the benefits that our school has to offer.

The intention is to ensure that students enrol only on the right programme for them, taking into consideration their educational achievements, potential and ambition.

Our fee structure reflects the high quality education, personalised services and benefits that we provide for our students.

Insworld will assist students who need to apply for a Student’s Pass in order to study at Insworld.

The Insworld Institute academic year has four terms. This allow us to have four intakes of students each year, in January, March, July and September.

Students may choose to enquire about Insworld Institute and its programmes through our approved  agents listed on this page.

This section contains school handbooks, full course specifications for all academic programmes, details of operational policies and procedures and a sample student contract.

Under the Private Education Act 2009, The Committee for Private Education (CPE) was established to regulate the private education industry in Singapore.

The Fabian Scholarship is awarded to academic achievers whose attitude and conduct exemplify the values of Insworld Institute.

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