insworld facilities

“Insworld Institute is an international boutique school with facilities built for producing academic achievers!”

To provide quality education and promote personalised learning – this has always been the focus of our school. For this purpose, we have strategically relocated to “The Verge” mall and built facilities that makes focused learning conducive. Also, the relocation further ensured a convenient and safe location for our students where necessary supervision can be provided

Today, our school occupies 14,000 sq ft (1,300 sqm) and is fully equipped with:

  • 16 fully utilized classrooms
  • Science laboratory
  • Art Gallery
  • Three portable audio/visual stations
  • Common lounge areas
  • Study / resource room
  • Recreation / Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Free WiFi throughout the school
  • Counselling rooms
  • Student lockers

The school is also fully air-conditioned and has security cameras installed to ensure the safety of the students. The same are provided by The Verge Management, including a security staff who patrols within the premises.

Students, staff and visitors can also enjoy shops and cafes within the mall, as well as restaurants and cultural attractions located nearby.

Below are information on the sizes and capacity of each classroom:

FacilityArea (sq.m)Capacity (Persons)
Classroom 135.0423
Classroom 215.6810
Classroom 440.6726
Classroom 534.0922
Classroom 632.3021
Classroom 819.8112
Classroom 1014.539
Classroom 1116.7810
Classroom 1221.7214
Classroom 1430.1120
Classroom 1517.6311
Classroom 1720.9113
Classroom 1820.9813
Classroom 1926.7017
Classroom 2129.0319
Study / Resource Room50.0533
Counselling Room 17.204
Counselling Room 27.204
Recreation / Multi-Purpose Hall64.5142