“Insworld Institute is a Pearson Edexcel Approved Centre”


Pearson is the awarding body for Insworld Institute’s International GCSE (‘O’ Level) and GCE ‘A’ Level Programmes. Upon successful completion, students may attain a “Pearson Edexcel” qualification which further enables them to progress to prestigious universities worldwide.

Aside from having global recognition, Pearson offers the following advantages:

  • Pearson is regulated by Ofqual, which is the regulator for the public examinations system in England and Wales, and also monitors compliance with other regulators such as SQA, DfES and CCEA
  • Pearson has a long and credible history of helping people “succeed in life” for nearly 20 years now
  • Pearson offers “flexibility” in its programmes which allows students to choose the subjects (from a wide variety of selections) that are suitable to their qualifications, skills and / or academic aspirations
  • Pearson exams (for International GCSE and GCE ‘A’ Level) are “modular” and students can re-take each individual module / exams twice a year

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