3 Tips to Having the Best Academic Experience at Insworld Institute

3 Tips to Having the Best Academic Experience at Insworld Institute

You are miles away from home. This seems a perfect time for you to practice your independence, right? However, this also feels like a daunting task for those who still hold on to the comforts of their families and friends. Hey, now that you’re at Insworld Institute, these are some things you need to keep in mind in order to make your stay worthwhile and enjoyable:


The concept behind personalized learning is to provide education that is tailored to the different needs of students. This is what Insworld Institute tries to provide its students through its small class sizes, free support classes and other personalized services. To fully benefit from the advantages that personalized learning provides, why not participate or initiate an open discussion in class? Or, perhaps, engage peers in a friendly and productive debate? With your teacher’s guidance, these types of activities can not only help increase your knowledge but also boost your self-confidence.


As Insworld Institute is located around the Central Area, there are many educational and interesting places that you can visit. If you’re interested in visiting museums, you can walk down 5 Campbell Lane – which is just literally down the road from the school – and visit the recently opened Indian Heritage Centre. Also nearby are the National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum. To visit iconic or historical landmarks, you may visit the Merlion ParkSingapore Flyer or Waterfront Promenade – all of which are just opposite one another and are just a few stations away from the school.

The area is also home to food, electronics and clothing establishments, and we’re sure that you will be surprised at the diversity of sights and sounds that you will experience


When you are in a foreign country, the possibilities and opportunities are endless! This is a perfect time for you to make a difference, not only to yourself but also to the society in general. Apply what you have learned and make something beneficial or noteworthy for the society. Your teachers are more than willing to help you. How can you make a difference now that you are studying in a school which is miles away from home? Innovation is the key. Learn to think out of the box. You will be surprised at what you can think of in order to give back the knowledge and experiences you have gained from studying abroad.

Knowing these tips may sound easy, but at the end of the day, your success in studying abroad depends on your willingness to do so. At Insworld Institute, we treat everyone as a family. Thus, your success, is definitely Insworld Institute’s success!

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