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Private School In Singapore with An International Perspective

Insworld is a private school in Singapore that provides local and international students with a British-based secondary education. Our approach allows us to promote the development of each student as an independent learner can think critically and creatively about problems. This is done through working only with small classes (4-12 students). Our aim is to bring out the best from students who come from different backgrounds and who have different learning styles. Insworld offers a range of programmes, from EITP (Lower Secondary/Key Stage 3), through International GCSE (O-Level) to A-Level/International A-Level. These prepare students for entry to a leading university in Singapore or overseas.

International Advanced Level
GCE Advanced Level
A group of Insworld Institute students in school uniform walking arm-in-arm smiling and happy.
International General Certificate of Secondary Education
Edexcel International
Tuition Programme
English for Academic Study

Insworld Private School in Singapore

Insworld Institute is a private school in Singapore for secondary education. Insworld programmes are based on a British curriculum, and are taught exclusively in English. They have been especially adapted to meet the needs of local and international students studying in Singapore. The academic programmes at Insworld are all benchmarked to UK standards. They range from the EITP (Lower Secondary), through International GCSE (equivalent to O-Level) to IAL/GCE A-Level courses, designed to prepare students for university.

The British-based qualifications available at Insworld such as IAL/GCE A-Level and International GCSE are recognized as valid by all universities in Singapore, the UK and Australia as well as leading international universities. Local and international students who have studied A-Level programmes at Insworld Institute have gone on to study subjects such as Medicine and Engineering at internationally renowned universities. Our private school in Singapore can offer a fully rewarding educational experience that will strengthen social, moral and cultural development, as well as providing high quality teaching that can lead to academic success.

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Insworld’s Pedagogy

Insworld is a private school for secondary education in Singapore. We offer a different approach to education to local and international students. As a private school in Singapore with a British-based curriculum, we have the freedom to adapt the way we work to match our students’ needs. We choose to work only with small classes (4-12 students) as we believe this gives students the best opportunity to learn. Small classes make it possible to maintain a healthy classroom dynamic and a clear focus on academic objectives, whilst attending to the learning needs of each student as an individual.

As a private school in Singapore we are in a position to take a pragmatic and flexible approach to how we work. Our aim is to combine the best of the Asian and the Western approaches to education. We want students to maintain a scholastic discipline that allows a continued focus on key learning objectives. However, we also want our students to be actively engaged in their classes at every level; asking questions, clarifying doubts, exploring ideas. What makes Insworld one of the best private schools in Singapore is that we adapt our approach to match the ways our students learn. The individual student is the focal point of our work. Because we know our students well, we know how to work with them in the most effective way to promote learning and academic achievement.

Insworld supports students outside the classroom. We appoint a Personal Tutor for each student who will monitor all aspects of that student’s progress. Students meet their Personal Tutor every week. This is an important opportunity to give the school feedback and to raise concerns. This could be especially important for international students who may be new to living and studying in Singapore and to the way Insworld operates. If we identify any deep-rooted academic problems that require extra work, we arrange, at no extra cost, one-to-one sessions with the subject teacher to go back to basics and resolve the problem.

As a result of the way we organize our programmes, Insworld students learn quickly and accurately. We deliver full International GCSE and IAL/GCE A-Level programmes in 18 months, rather than two academic years. This can mean a significant saving in cost and time. In addition, we can be flexible about programme duration and enrolment dates. This can allow international students to progress with their education without losing time or repeating material they have already learned.

Why Choose Insworld?

Insworld is a private school in Singapore with a diverse multinational community of learning. Local and international students work together in an inclusive and empathetic atmosphere. This promotes interest, engagement, acceptance and respect for other people and other cultures and traditions. Students work together amicably and with purpose as they prepare for the next stage of their education, either in Singapore or internationally. To date, young people from over 45 different countries have studied at Insworld. We value and welcome this diversity and the opportunities it presents to our students.

Secondary education plays a central role in the development of every student. As a private school in Singapore, Insworld actively encourages its teachers to promote key aspects of social, moral and cultural development within the context of lessons as well as in and around the school. We want to be more than a school with an excellent reputation for International GCSE, IAL or GCE A-Level education. We aim to ensure that our core values of integrity, social responsibility, diversity and leadership are actively promoted and upheld, and demonstrated in all aspects of the way we work with our students. We see this as an essential part of education in Singapore.

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Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards Winners

Pearson Excellence Awards

June 2021

Ying-en Grace Esther Chew

International Advanced Level – A*A*A*A*

Zhan Hao Hoe

International Advanced Level – A*A*A*A

Yan Cheng Poh

International Advanced Level – A*A*A*

Alisa Grace Tim-Yan Cheng

International Advanced Level – A*AA

Ashley Nicole Man-On Umali

International Advanced Level- A*AA

Mohammed Al-Firas Abdhul Shakoor

International Advanced Level- A*AA

Oake Soe Thar

International Advanced Level- A*AA

Yuen Jer John Cheng
International Advanced Level- AAA

Highest Marks in Singapore

Jason De Caluwe
International GCSE – A*A*A*A*AA

Kai Masuda
International IGCSE – A*A*A*A

January 2021

Xinyu Hu
International Advanced Level- A*A*A

Harshini Raghuram
International Advanced Level – A*A*AA

Phan Duc Thao Nguyen
International Advanced Level – A*A*A*A

Truong Kim Ngan
International Advanced Level – A*A*A

Kuangting Huang
International IGCSE – A*A*AAA

Alfonso Cinco
International IGCSE- A*A*A*AAA

Keira Efra Chalisa Ulya
International GCSE – A*A*AAA


Phan Duc Thao Nguyen
International Advanced Level- A*A*A*A*

Sandil Pabuda Kodikara
International Advanced Level- AAA

Truong Kim Ngan
International Advanced Level- A*A*A*

Kuangting Huang
International IGCSE- A*A*AAA

Alfonso Cinco
International IGCSE- A*A*A*AAA

Keira Efra Chalisa Ulya
International GCSE – A*A*AAA

Insworld at a Glance


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October 2023


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"My journey at Insworld was unique. Unlike other students, I had to study online until the end of the course due to the political circumstances in my country. So it was a virtual experience for me, and I missed all the extracurricular activities. Leaving that behind, the educational support of the Insworld community was immense. The teachers were expert in their fields, and I always felt involved in class discussions, personal tutoring sessions and even practicals. With excellent guidance for my university application, what more could I ask for? I started attending Insworld with huge doubts about my IALs. Now, I have finished with the best grades achievable."
Ye Myint Khaing
International Advanced Level 2022
Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level ( IAL) - A*A*A*
going to University of Bristol to study Civil Engineering

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